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Aerizo Group is one of finest trading houses. Our company incepted with its trading operations in the 2013 and trading remains one of our Group’s core businesses. We have an extensive network of stores and distribution outlets in Dar es Salaam, as well as branches in over regions of Tanzania, giving us a competitive edge in all our trading operations.

Our Group of Companies imports commodities, consumer goods and sundries from around the globe to fulfill our importation requirements of over 500,000 tons per annum. We import commodities such as rice, sugar, wheat, maize, cement and fertilizers to name a few. In liquid commodities, we deal in palm fatty acid (PFAD), palm stearin, crude palm oil and olein.

Our general trading products portfolio consists of more than 200 products and we import significant quantities of consumer goods such as toilet soaps, safety matches, dry cell batteries, bubble gum, hurricane lanterns, sewing machines, air conditioners and second-hand clothing amongst other things.

Our remarkable ability to anticipate and respond to market and consumer trends allows us to build on our success year after year, brand after brand.

Our Expertise

All types of special commodities are supplied

Cleaning Material

Includes Detergent Soap and Liquid materials

Mosquito Spray

Spray for Mosquito & all kind of insecticides

Food Products

All kind of packed & natural food products

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