IT Consultancy

IT consulting is a field that focuses on advising businesses on how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives.

From Websites to Softwares and Mobile Apps To Portal Development we are determined to make your work easy , fast , efficient and error free ultimately resulting in your precious smile :)
All our consulting services are founded on these areas where we have significant intellectual property, publications and research work.

Website Design

Website attracts worldwide customers.
Web enhances business.
Website campaigns can distinctly trim cost, time-to-market and can be effective mode of communication to current and potential customers.
We are innovator in rendering energizing smart and professional web based solutions for SME & Corporates. Aerizo design and develop unique web which is special one out of the millions.

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Customized Software

Technology is evolving and so are our daily business needs and requirements. Hence, Aerizo addresses complex business problems arising out of those with bespoke functionality rich software.
Be it a small or big industry type, we excel in offering web application development services at affordable price.
Our principle goal is to high-end desktop and web based solutions, as we believe our success lies in your success

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Mobile Applications

Mobile solution is Current Buzz.
Nowadays, more and more businesses try to explore newer realms by reaching out to the Mobile/Smartphone users.
We can help you create iPhone, Android & Windows based Mobile Apps.

Aerizo combines the latest offerings in mobile technology, and utilizes diverse methods of engagement for mobile app development.

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IT Consultancy

The guiding principles of our IT consultancy offering are simple – meet our clients’ dynamic business objectives with an agile product mindset, release early and often to incorporate client feedback and reduce time-to-market, and deliver the highest quality for our clients.

Aerizo provides expertise IT solution with the added dimension and know-how to implement aggressive IT strategies that produce results.

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Custom Facebook App

Our hi-end devices enable fruitful interaction with fans, help build brand awareness & widen your social network.
Facebook Applications are a great way of engaging your audience. People tend to remember things they did rather than what they saw or heard. We develop Custom Facebook Apps that reflect your brand essence. Our apps offer immersive user experiences with the potential to build stories for your brand.
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Enterprise Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics is a very strong application that provides a platform to build software solutions to meet the upcoming requirements of industry. This application is capable of helping an organization in strengthening its financial aspect, CRM and supply chain management.
Aerizo provides services of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to customers/client companies for operating their functions in smooth manner

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Big Data Analysis

Administering your databases is more than managing data and lifecycles, it means looking at your organization’s data differently and using it as a catalyst for change.
Our DBA proactively monitor databases and initiate the technical measures that ensure nonstop availability and peak performance. From space management, backup/recovery, and performance tuning to capacity planning, warning analysis and integrity checks

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SEO’s mission is to make the content of the website credible enough for search engines to rank it higher in its results so that your targeted group of audience finds your content more relevant and knowledgeably entertaining than compared to your competitors.
We do SEO with 100% guarantee , so if keywords doesn't appear on desired rank in the estimated time period you need not to spare a penny for search engine optimization.

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